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Behold, you have managed to survive and escape a horrifying kindergarten! Finally, you are placed in another school for the youngest children and it seems like your life is going to be fixed now. Well, maybe you won’t overcome that trauma you have already gained and maybe this will make you a crazy serial killer when you grow up, but who knows! Chances are that young memory of a child will cover these horrible days from you forever. All in all, you are in a new kindergarten now and let’s hope that everything will be okay this time! Your first day doesn’t bring you any horror and stress, so happily come back there tomorrow. This is where strange things begin to happen. Everything looks pretty much the same as it was yesterday. The menu in the cafeteria didn’t change, your classmates talk the same things as they did yesterday, the lessons copy those you remember from the day before. Okay, maybe this was something you have fantasized. But the next day you come back and everything repeats over and over again identically with all endings.

As you have guessed, the second part of Kindergarten uses the famous plot from a well-known movie. Each day is literally the same and a really challenging task stands in front of you – understand what’s happening and find a way to end this nightmare. It is hard to disagree that even the most beautiful day in your life repeated for a thousand of times becomes horrible and nobody could stand it. In the game, you will discover nine different story lines and fifteen central missions to complete. Besides the main missions, you will also take part in various side-adventures and small games. There are so many puzzles and intriguing plot twists here, that you will definitely love playing Kindergarten. The graphics here are atmospheric, while the developers really understand how to make cool puzzles that will make you stop and think for a while. You will have to make creative and even moral decisions to get scores and special items (namely, costumes). And yes, if you are a fan of super-crazy indie titles, then this will become your favorite from the first glance. Try it out today! It is free!