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Something is wrong with this Kindergarten, children, and their teachers. They act strangely and violently, while the teachers overuse their power and beat kids with all the cruelty. However, there is another wild thing that has happen in this place. Yes, there is a plenty of weird stuff here already, but this is not all! Now children are stuck in one day like in the famous movie. This is a groundhog day at Kindergarten, a place you would better avoid at all costs. However, you are not lucky enough, so you are stuck here. Forever. A beautiful Tuesday comes back again and again and you find yourself in the same situations. They never are pleasant at Kindergarten! But mostly they are funny.

In this part of the game, you will have to support and assist your friends and classmates. They have a lot of plans and troubles, but cannot deal with them without your help. So Cindy is worried that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Will you arrange a date for her and do everything to attract the attention of a guy she likes? Or maybe you want to help one of your classmates to win the fight with his rival called Bob? These are the real school wars, so be ready for a tough fight. There are more people waiting for your help, so you won’t get bored for a single moment when living your repeatable day at Kindergarten. Hopefully, this will end at some point!

There are numerous new features added to the second part of the game comparing to the first one. The atmosphere stays the same – insane and strange. Numerous new puzzles will be offered to you and most of them are incredibly interesting. For instance, you will have to learn everything about the properties and work of magnets. Also, you will assist a crazy scientist by gathering herbs for him. Well, you will also get nasty sometimes and steal the inhalator of a kid with asthma. There are new stories and missions here, as well as additional locations and costumes for the main character.