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Childhood years are the best, that is why we are feeling nostalgic about those carefree and calm times. You don’t need to worry about anything, you are completely safe, and protected by the adults. The world is kind and bright, no violence and evil appear on your childish radars, so you are happy and calm. This is a perfect story of a childhood. However, there might be another scenario. The one that is completely reversed. And you will have a chance to outlive it in a Kindergarten game. This is a story of a real evil place, where kids appear in the hostile environment. Not only they are hardly oppressed by the adults who have power over them. The adults are crazy and their oppression goes far beyond words with cheats. They are eagerly beating students and sometimes to death. You see the cleaner who washes the traces of blood every day. The mad eyes of the instructor make you shiver. And one day a classmate disappears. You understand that the clouds are getting to thick and too dark, so you need to act before the disaster has happened to you personally.

While the description of the plot may seem gloomy and creepy to you (it is!), the game is full of dark humor and funny jokes. The wacky characters including an autistic guy and bullies will make you burst laughing. You will witness numerous ridiculous situations, solve thousands of puzzles, and get through all levels trying to stay alive. This is a very nice entertainment for all indie-games lovers and those who appreciate smart puzzles. Check it for free at our website! We have uploaded a full version for you, so enjoy it online with no limits and restrictions. The bloody adventures are waiting for you!