Kindergarten 1

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If you thought that your previous school was the only hell on Earth (or at least, in your district), you were wrong. Your parents have transferred you to another one and you hoped that your life will become normal now. Well, you were wrong! This school is no less terrifying than the one you have left. To say the truth, it is even more terrifying. Here you will meet with violence and dominating teachers again, but there is one more thing that makes this place even more creepy. The repetition.

Yes in Kindergarten 1 part, one of the most common nightmares all of us share and a fear of repetition. Literal copying of one day that comes again and again. Remember that famous film about a guy who had to witness the groundhog day over and over? It was pretty funny, but it is not so pleasing if you think about it. Especially, when you are stuck in a school that is not so unusual and have strange orders. For example, teachers prefer to get rid of the kids by killing them. Or you can get poisoned at any moment. So the first day at school replays itself and you start thinking about the way to escape it. Your classmates won’t give you to focus on the task – they always want you to do something for them and you cannot deny. Well, of course, they cannot notice the strange thing that is happening, so you cannot explain and share that with anyone. They would say that you are just crazy. Who would stay sane after all those things you had to go through in your previous school? So, solve puzzles, search for the clues, try to stay alive, avoid bullies and crazy tutors. If you do manage to pass these challenges, you will come back to normal life. Or find yourself in another strange school! Who knows?