Kindergarten 5

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The second part of Kindergarten brings you and your classmates to another place. This is a new school, where you are going to do everything to survive. Cooperate or compete with your classmates and try not to die too fast! There are new achievements and features added in this part. For instance, you will be asked if you want to put a cat into a microwave oven in Kindergarten 5. And you will be asked if you do for a number of times! So resisting would be really hard, as a kid, you really want to know what happens to a cat, who appears in the microwave. While it is easy to predict the outcome, but you really want to see a kitty exploding, be tough and resist to get a new achievement. The missions are incredibly variable and the imagination of the developers can be envied. There will be an episode, when the cleaners will ask you to take a classmate to a medical room because she has been injured. You didn’t see the actual moment when she was hurt, but when you enter the room where the accident took place, you see the traces of green slimy substance instead of blood. That’s strange! Also, you the successfully done missions will bring you some new costumes and hairstyles. So you will start looking really cool when you complete enough tasks. Be ready that a game will require a good work of attention and memory, so make sure that you keep all major events and details in mind while you play. This will help you solve certain tasks and move further in a game. There are poisoned apples to be found and you should be careful when you want to eat one – make sure that there is no skull sign on a fruit before you swallow it. More ways to be poisoned and as a result – dead, are also here. For instance, some school cabinets are filled with gas. So good luck and keep your character alive if you can!