Kindergarten 3

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Another strange kindergarten is waiting for poor little kids. The first part of the game took part in an incredibly violent place, where teachers were torturing and even killing their students. As the main antagonist, you did your best to investigate horrible deeds of your curators. The case of a kidnapped classmate was solved and you have managed to leave that place. Now you are entering a new Kindergarten 3 and hopefully everything will be fine here…

However, nothing can be fine in this crazy game, so new adventures are waiting for you. Here you will see a number of new locations and find thousands new opportunities to get killed. Avoid them at all costs and move further. Well, the word “further” is not very applicable here, because the actions in the game are cycled. You are trapped in one day of the week that repeats over and over again due to the will of some evil powers. During this repeatable day, you will help your classmates deal with their problems, do various favors, explore the locations, and try to avoid problems that can kill you. For instance, you might get poisoned or beaten to death, so be ready for everything. Also, you will make solutions and solve different puzzles. The successful decisions will provide you with cool prizes and items. The central task is to solve the mystery of this place and try to escape the never-ending repetitions.
The game is pretty creepy, but it is also incredibly entertaining. The game includes various classes, stories, mini-games, and challenges. There is a number of different narrative lines here, but all of them will unite in the end. You will find them a bot abstract from the beginning, but the authors will unravel the whole story later, so don’t get confused! The tasks include various puzzles and creative decisions that will be rewarded with different useful and cool things. Sometimes, you will have to decide whether you should put a kitten into an oven, sometimes you will be invited to beat the kids along with the teachers. Delight from the dark humor and interesting unexpected turns will make your playing time truly great, so join the game right now and have fun!