Kindergarten 2

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Finally, you have escaped that previous school! The one that was more like a room of pain and torture. Welcome to a new one! What is waiting for you here? Well, you are full of hopes that this time you were lucky to appear in a nice or at least normal place. A place where students are not getting murdered by their teachers, for example. It’s not like you are asking for too much – just banal safety for your life. And maybe some cookies. Well, time to discover your new school and see what are those amazing surprises waiting for you in these brand new walls. Classes, classmates, teachers, games, and everything else. Hopefully, this new positive experience will help overcome the trauma you have gained before.

However, everything is not that simple. Another school, another horror story for you! And what else have you been expecting from Kindergarten 2? Unicorns and rainbows? Guess, not! So welcome to a new nightmarish place that can compete with the previous one and maybe even win the competition. The events happen one fine Tuesday, when you wake up after your first day in a new school. Nothing really new is waiting for you here. First, the previous day returns and repeats itself for an endless amount of time. Second, the habitual existence of this school is not so different, because teachers kill children again and children disappear forever after their classes. What should you do? Start an investigation and try to get out of here, of course.

Your Tuesday is a regular day at school. You are expected to help your friends, solve their problems, get beaten by hooligans, make tricks with those who are weaker than you and so on. You are always under a deadly risk. There are poisonous apples you will want to taste, rooms filled with toxic gases you will want to enter, and furious teachers, who will gladly beat the spirit out of you. There are so many classmates that are waiting for your help, so you have to devote time to their requests and solve the puzzles on your way. At the same time, you will want to figure out the way out of this place and run away. Walk around the school, visit different cabinets and rooms, gather information and be very attentive. You will witness different strange situtaions and occasions and the game requires you to remember them. Also, pay attention to the details! Your memory and intellect will help you figure out how to deal with the horrors here and there and maybe – how to leave this place forever.