Kindergarten 2 Unblocked

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Dark but funny – this is how we would describe Kindergarten 2. This is a game made in a retro-style. The pixel graphics make everything look even more anxious and ridiculous, so they coincide with the main idea of the developers and support the overall atmosphere they tried to bring. And guess what, they were extremely successful when making this concept and the game as a whole. So, what is waiting for you in the second part of Kindergarten? If you are about to try it out, then you probably are familiar with the first part of the series. There you found yourself in a strange establishment for preschoolers, young children who need to be took care of when their parents are too busy at work. From the first seconds, nothing seems to be wrong with this place. You see your classmates, the cabinets, teachers, cafeteria… There are calm students and even those who don’t talk at all. There are aggressive bullies trying to beat the soul out of your friends and you. Everything is pretty normal for an ordinary kindergarten. However, very soon you will realize how wrong you were in Kindergarten 2 Unblocked version.

The teachers show themselves as violent animals, beating kids and even killing them just because they can. Your classmates disappear, you see spots of blood on the floor, some rooms are filled with poisonous air, and the madness becomes more and more tough while you move further. Well, the second part places you into another school, but this one is no less dangerous and strange than the previous. The day passes and the next day comes. But there is something weird you notice – everything is just the same as it was yesterday. Not in a sense of everyday routine, when every next day copies those that are already gone just because your life is boring and monotonous. But you got trapped in a time loop and the same day literally repeats itself again and again. The same classmates come to you and say the same words. They have problems and want you to help them. If you do agree, you will make something really good, but what is even better – you will get access to numerous missions and puzzles that will surely make your day. What is more, successfully completed tasks will bring you scores and achievements. But be aware that you have to make right decisions to get the achievements. Sometimes, this is going to be really hard. For instance, you will have to deny some tempting nasty tricks to gain the new level. The game has add-ons like clothes and stylish hair! You will get it when completing missions successfully, so do your best. Look cool and have fun.