Kindergarten 4

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A mad and funny indie puzzle Kindergarten is a title you really want to play. Just because we don’t know any analogues to it. Here you are going to act as a small kid, a young student, who attends a kindergarten. No, the game has nothing in common with childish games where you have to solve 2+2 tasks and draw butterflies on the blackboard in Kindergarten 4. This kindergarten is a tough place and events that are happening here are strikingly violent. There is a group of teachers here and they act in a suspicious manner. Very soon you realize that their main desire is to get rid of the students. They beat kids and sometimes young bodies cannot handle the cruelty, so youngsters… die. You walk through the corridors, enter cafeteria, and notice that everything is pretty much the same every day. At some point, you notice that one of your classmate friends has disappeared. You start thinking that some weird stuff is happening here and chances are that you won’t make it till high school. No, literally. You start being afraid for your own life. That is why you begin investigating the case with a missing kid. Here is where the adventures start. The game features numerous side-stories, missions, and puzzles. You are welcome to check the central line prepared by developers to see what kind of madness they have prepared. However, you are also welcome to do it your own way – the game process is pretty flexible and open for unexpected decisions. Write your own story or follow the main line! It doesn’t really matter which option you choose, because both are equally strange, freaky, and extremely entertaining. Have fun and try not to die in a Kindergarten! The game is available for free on this website and you are welcome to play it whenever you feel so. There is no need to download and install it – just launch and play online. Good luck!