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Childhood is not always about sweet memories. However, in this game, childhood is all about being oppressed, beaten, and victimized. If you remember the first part of the franchise, you have to recall the ending: the main protagonist escaped from a horrifying kindergarten and now he is free! However, his parents decided to place him into another institution for preschoolers. This time, everybody is expecting a nice and quiet time spent with peers and kind teachers. Well, this won’t make a good game, right? So get ready for new crazy and violent stories to show up!

Welcome to the second part of Kindergarten. Here you will find a deal of new features, achievements, prizes, locations, and most important – amazing puzzles to solve. Unlike the first part, this one uses a back-bone for the plot. You appear in the ever-repeating day that plays itself over and over again with no difference from the previous one. Yes, you are stuck in a time paradox and even if you believe that the repeating day was pretty nice (that’s doubtful for this game), you won’t really like a perspective to stay there forever. So you enter the building, go to the cabinet, visit café, talk to your classmates… and blood chilling horror goes up and down your spine – you are stuck. Everything is repeating. You behave as you always do, because nobody else can notice the weird thing. You assist your classmates with the tasks and even help a girl to find a new boyfriend. The bullies are chasing you and the teachers are beating children again. By the way, in this part of the game you can even join these funny torturing. While small missions and puzzles are something you have to complete, the main task is to get closer to the truth and find the way to break this nasty spell that brings you back in time every morning. Do your best and escape from this strange place if you can! Try to stay alive.